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Men Have Body Image Issues Too Posted on: 12 April 2016
I always enjoy working with other organisations where I can help raise the profile of important issues. This week I've had the pleasure of writing for Men's Movement - an online magazine focusing on men's health.

The issue of body image is one that has risen in prevalence in today’s society. Pressure to become a perfect version of yourself is a worry that many face. However, the positive body image is a rapidly growing movement with ambassadors such as social media personalities like Tess Holiday. This issue has influenced a new standard for beauty in fashion with France passing a bill to ensure that models used on the runway are within the healthy body mass index (BMI) range. In addition to this legislation, magazines must now declare if they have used photo-shopped images. The unrealistic aesthetics in the media are often commented upon due to their influence on eating habits, especially among young people.

Yes, this change gives us comfort; however, this newly found body confidence has been targeted at women while men are sometimes forgotten.

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