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Is Sunbathing Asking For Trouble? Posted on: 9 April 2016
The sun is finally coming out and the days are hotting up.

I love this time of year because I can shed my winter coats and start enjoying some outside living again. The warm sunlight makes me not only feel happier but I also have a lot more energy that I can channel into achieving all my fabulous new goals. At the weekend I hit the beach with my family like a lot of others, and I get to see how the holiday makers are drinking in the rays by sunbathing all day.

We all know the risks and most people sensibly apply the sunscreen, but is this enough?

Specialists are concerned that our understanding of SPF (sun protection factor) is lacking. In fact we are now being told that the SPF of a sunscreen is only accurate when applied at a concentration of 2mg per cm2 of skin.

This basically means, people apply about a quarter of what is actually needed. So somebody who buys an SPF product labelled 20 is only going to get an SPF of three or four because they┬┤re applying it too thinly. Unless you apply three coats of lotion you'll probably need to buy an SPF 50+

Healthy habits are a key factor of having a successful future. Make sure you look after yourself in the sun.