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Is Depression A Life Without Purpose Posted on: 18 April 2016
With a mission to inspire, educate and advocate for those who struggle with their Mental Health, it was my pleasure to be featured in Conquer Worry this week.

In my article I highlighted that 10% of the UK’s population will experience depression in their lifetime. According to a recent study led by the the World Health Organisation (WHO), global failure to tackle depression is costing the world nearly $1 trillion a year and a staggering 12 billion working days – or 50 million years of work – will be lost to depression between now and 2030.

Before I became a mother I struggled with periods of depression. During those times I would feel a great want for peace that could perhaps come if I just didn't exist.

As I compare the life I lead now (physically and emotionally) to the life I had back then I can't help but wonder if finding a purpose for ones´ existence can overturn a life of depression.

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